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Anchor & Alpine is a small-by-choice crew of UXers, designers, and developers. Located in the vibrant heart of Salt Lake City, we are a dedicated UX and web design agency with nearly two decades of creative exploration and excellence under our belts. With a track record of transforming more than a hundred websites and a solid approach to UI/UX, and product marketing design, we’ve been the secret ingredient behind many success stories. Whether you’re looking to refine existing features, level up your platform, or embark on a new project, our team is here to guide you. Let’s create something exceptional together!

Our Services

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Embedded UX design team

We work closely with funded-founders and established developers to improve the user experience (UX) of their apps, platforms, and products. Our deep expertise, coupled with an agency model that supports creatives doing their best work, ensures your engagement will be successful. We are often hired as the entire UX team for a startup with each UX designer keeping 4–6 developers busy.

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Augment your current UI/UX team

For funded startups and mature product teams, we can come in and augment your current UI/UX team. Whether you bring us on for a short time to cover while you hire, on a parental leave or sabbatical, or to help fuel new feature design, we are here to work with your existing product and make it better.

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UX audits of your site, product, or service

Maybe you have a vague idea of what isn’t working in your product or website, or maybe you have a laundry list so long you can’t even begin to start. Anchor & Alpine offers UX Audits, Security Audits, and UX Remediation of websites and apps. We can share our time and expertise with a fresh-eye review of your solution and help you come up with a budget-conscious plan to resolve any UI/UX issues.

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WordPress website design & development

We’ve been designing and building websites for nearly 20 years, with a dedication to WordPress for the last decade. We’ve built tiny community sites, huge multi-lingual sites, corporate websites, Demand-Gen Websites… if it goes on WordPress, we can make it go.

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Demand Gen Websites

We’ve spent the last few years focusing on demand gen websites. We know you have tight goals, OKRs, KPIs, BDRs, SDRs, and CEOs to keep aligned and happy. Our crew is streamlined and focused on building websites that can handle a mountain of traffic while capturing and guiding visitors through a self-service experience, and finally elegantly delivering your team warm leads. We are here to build a site that you are empowered to work with for several years to come. 

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Corporate websites

Your website is often the most important tool in your customer-facing efforts. It is a powerful tool for customer engagement and education. Anchor & Alpine designs and builds websites which serve as long-term assets that actively contribute to your business goals.

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Resource Centers

We designed and developed our Resource Center for WordPress in early 2020. It was the beginning of the global pandemic and everyone was turning to web and technology solutions in order to get business done. We launched our first iteration — a website full of in-depth information about running a childcare center. With each project, this content hub gets more and more powerful as the unique needs of different industries are added and refined. 

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Product marketing design & animations

Our expertise in product UI and user experience, and web design and development naturally extends to product marketing design. We collaborate with your product and marketing teams to effectively showcase your product to the world. We especially love creating product marketing graphics—things like exploded screenshots, conceptual screenshots, and animations for your website and other marketing efforts.

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Branding & print and digital design

Our agency is bursting with creative talent. We apply our creativity to product marketing design and web design and development and user experience work as well as in more traditional design formats of branding, print, and digital design. Our multi-award-winning creative team designs memorable brands for companies and product suites. We build robust brand guides to help your teams keep your branding on point for years to come. Some of our favorite projects are CyberQP branding and Millcreek Common

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Business consulting

The partners at Anchor & Alpine, Amber Sawaya and Steve Sawaya, have been involved in various startups, product builds, and business situations and are often available for consulting in these areas as well as in their specialties, Amber in UX, and Steve in security. 

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