Resource Centers, including presentation of blog posts, eBooks, podcasts, webinars

We designed and developed our Resource Center for WordPress in early 2020. It was the beginning of the global pandemic and everyone was turning to web and technology solutions in order to get business done. We launched our first iteration — a website full of in-depth information about running a childcare center. With each project, this content hub gets more and more powerful as the unique needs of different industries are added and refined. 

Since that time we’ve built several more Resource Centers—robust webpages that display and sort your important product marketing design assets like blog articles, press releases, podcasts, ebooks, datasheets, templates, and more. As these assets flow into your website we strategically serve them up in different areas and different ways, helping your content efforts go further.

How it works

Organize Your Assets

We’ll help you organize what you have and what might be coming soon. We set up tagging and work closely with you on the migration to ensure all of the SEO you’ve built up continues to grow.

Information Flow

Once your posts are in, let’s make sure they are seen. We help you strategize where else your assets should appear, from updating the homepage with the latest posts to grouping together several assets into a collection to share with your visitors.

Smart Webinar Handling

We built a system that looks for upcoming webinars, prioritizes the next webinar, and automatically removes the webinars from ‘upcoming’ as soon as they have passed. Videos can then be uploaded of the webinar to build out your video library.

Filtering User Experience (UX)

Each asset you upload is tagged with the type (blog post, press release, podcast, ebook, etc.) and a topic that is related to your business (and your SEO goals). Visitors can sort through your library to find exactly what they want and how they want to consume it.

How we’ve done it

Mobile phone screenshot views of MarketDial website


Web Design & Development

See live MarketDial Resource Center


Web Design & Development / Branding

See live CyberQP Resource Center

Desktop and mobile view of Boardable website


Web Design & Development

See live Boardable Resource Center

Pine trees in dark misty forest.

“Anchor & Alpine is exceptional! They developed a modern website for Boardable, perfectly grasping our brand and vision. Weekly, they presented innovative, tailored ideas that aligned with our objectives. Their research, collaboration, and responsiveness outshine other agencies. We’re thrilled to maintain our partnership and eagerly anticipate future projects.”

— Nicole Lavric, Sr Manager, Digital & Brand, Boardable

Service Engagement & Pricing

Resource Centers are added to WordPress websites like Demand Gen Websites and corporate websites

Resource Centers generally account for $10,000 – $20,000 of a larger website budget.

Unlock the power of your content

Let’s discuss how a Resource Center can align with your content goals on your WordPress website. Organize, tag, and present your blog posts, press releases, ebooks, webinars, and more seamlessly with our expertly UX crafted and developed Resource Centers.