We are a unique crew that has weathered a few storms—together & separately—and we’re excited to get to work together and with you.

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For nearly 20 years, our clients have loved us

“I love working with the Anchor & Alpine team because they are truly a partner.

They bring a wide range of marketing and technical capabilities to the table while maintaining a small agency structure that helps keep costs down compared to projects I scoped elsewhere. One example is a new website Anchor & Alpine designed and implemented for MarketDial that exceeded our team’s expectations. We have been able to significantly reduce our reliance on Anchor & Alpine because the backend of the site they built is extremely user-friendly. They understood our requirements and built a site that has empowered us to fish, rather than building a website that requires a lot of maintenance and tweaking. Communication was great throughout the process, and in the end, the project was delivered on time and under budget. ”

— Steven Loewy, VP of Marketing, MarketDial

“We’ve been truly impressed by how swiftly the team grasped highly intricate concepts and consistently delivered exceptional solutions.

Our collaboration has successfully addressed challenging issues, and our customers have provided enthusiastic feedback on the improved productivity of Osmos’ intuitive user interface. As a data product tailored for non-engineers, Osmos faces the unique challenge of handling intricate data complexities while maintaining a user-friendly spreadsheet-like experience. In our quest for a design team capable of unraveling complex concepts and embracing creative, unconventional solutions, we discovered the perfect fit with Anchor & Alpine. Our collaboration with Anchor & Alpine has been rewarding, and we anticipate expanding it further throughout our product and website.”

— Naresh Venkat, CTO, Osmos

“I wish working with every consulting group were as outstanding as our experience with [Anchor & Alpine]—flawless project management, clear communication, and a relentless ability to deliver. 

There are UI designers and then there is Amber, who seems to have “creative AND usable interactive interface” running through her blood. It’s a complete joy to work with her, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.“

— Executive Chair, Zorroa/BoonAI

“Anchor & Alpine excels at turning your website dreams into reality. I am so proud of the work they did for me that I have already recommended them to many of my colleagues.

The Anchor & Alpine team is heads and shoulders above their competition, and I am very thankful I worked with them to develop my website. They were quick to respond to questions, and they did not hesitate to incorporate my many changes along the development process.”

— Simone Lelchuk

“Anchor & Alpine is one of my most valued partners. They are fun, whip-smart, privot-oriented, and consultative. The client experience that A&A delivers is exceptional.

It was time to rebuild our website (which also coincided with a heavy brand refresh and a total re-engineering of the MarTech infrastructure); a daunting task. I am so grateful for A&A’s approach to relationship management and top notch strategic guidance. Not only is the site beautiful, it is a machine built for long-term growth and performance. The leading performance indicators coming from our new site are best in class. My expectations, which started at high, have been wildly exceeded.”

— Kurt Gilmore, Head of Marketing, Boardable

“Working with Anchor & Alpine is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had professionally. The service they provide goes so far beyond design. They took the time to truly understand our product, goals, and team.

This understanding showed through every step of the process. The final designs delivered to us built a stunning picture of the product in its entirety, created a user experience that is changing our industry, and perfectly embodied the spirit of our team and culture. I hope to never work on another project without them.”

— Danny Tiesling, Software Development Manager, Technicolor

Ethics & Values


We foster a culture where trust, accountability, and camaraderie can flourish. 

We value input as well as output. We are diverse, fair, and inclusive.

We value the results of our work and think the best way to get there is through working well together and taking care of ourselves. 

We value diversity and believe the best ideas come from different places. We support a group that is diverse in age, sexual and gender orientation, race, and religions.

We value creativity and know that everyone is creative in their own way, together we can come up with the best thinking to solve complex problems.

Ethical code of conduct

  • We do not disparage each other, the work we do, our clients, or the end-user. 
  • We protect data, intellectual property, and privacy—be that ours, our clients’ or the end-user. 
  • We do not tolerate harassment, discrimination, bullying, or being an asshole to your coworkers, clients, or peers.
  • We plan for business continuity. 

Ethical code of data practices

  • We don’t work on anything the majority of the company is uncomfortable with on moral, ethical, or political views. 
  • We do not force employees to work on projects that conflict with their values.
  • We follow the most stringent privacy rules that are in place (currently GDPR). 


  • We believe that UX and Product Designers have an ethical responsibility to put good into the world and defend against evil. 
  • We know that we have the knowledge, tools, and power to sway users to do what we want. We understand that this power comes with a responsibility to match users’ intent to the resulting action. 
  • We never produce “dark patterns”, the term for designs used to trick people into doing things that are against their best interest. 

93% of our clients come back for additional projects. A few people have been clients for more than a decade and through multiple companies. 

Merger & Acquisition

In late 2019, Sawaya Consulting acquired Emerson Stone, merged with Coast To Coast Studio, and created a new company called Anchor & Alpine. The partners from Sawaya Consulting and Coast To Coast Studio became partners at the new agency and continue on the work of the original firms. 

Logos for Emerson Stone, Coast to Coast Studio, and Sawaya Consulting.