We are a unique crew that has weathered a few storms—together & separately—and we’re excited to get to work together and with you.

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“I believe that thinking about the consequences of your work, the issue of ethics, is essential. Since [designers are] specifically involved in the transmission of cultural ideas, ideas about value, then we have to examine the meaning of what we’re proposing… 

“It’s a very old-fashioned idea: what you do has an effect on the world you live in. And if you’re concerned about the state of the world, there is no escape from the fact that you’re participating in it.”

Milton Glaser

Ethics & Values


We foster a culture where trust, accountability, and camaraderie can flourish. 

We value input as well as output. We are diverse, fair, and inclusive.

We value the results of our work and think the best way to get there is through working well together and taking care of ourselves. 

We value diversity and believe the best ideas come from different places. We support a group that is diverse in age, sexual and gender orientation, race, and religions.

We value creativity and know that everyone is creative in their own way, together we can come up with the best thinking to solve complex problems.

Ethical code of conduct

  • We do not disparage each other, the work we do, our clients, or the end-user. 
  • We protect data, intellectual property, and privacy—be that ours, our clients’ or the end-user. 
  • We do not tolerate harassment, discrimination, bullying, or being an asshole to your coworkers, clients, or peers.
  • We plan for business continuity. 

Ethical code of data practices

  • We don’t work on anything the majority of the company is uncomfortable with on moral, ethical, or political views. 
  • We do not force employees to work on projects that conflict with their values.
  • We follow the most stringent privacy rules that are in place (currently GDPR). 


  • We believe that UX and Product Designers have an ethical responsibility to put good into the world and defend against evil. 
  • We know that we have the knowledge, tools, and power to sway users to do what we want. We understand that this power comes with a responsibility to match users’ intent to the resulting action. 
  • We never produce “dark patterns”, the term for designs used to trick people into doing things that are against their best interest. 

93% of our clients come back for additional projects. A few people have been clients for more than a decade and through multiple companies. 

Merger & Acquisition

In late 2019, Sawaya Consulting acquired Emerson Stone, merged with Coast To Coast Studio, and created a new company called Anchor & Alpine. The partners from Sawaya Consulting and Coast To Coast Studio became partners at the new agency and continue on the work of the original firms. 

Logos for Emerson Stone, Coast to Coast Studio, and Sawaya Consulting.