We had a slew of new graduates reaching out to Anchor & Alpine in the spring. With the uncertainty of COVID-19 and its pending economic impact, it was and still is a challenging time to find a job. Fast forward to earlier this month when we posted our own open position. We had more than eighty talented candidates apply for the role in less than a week. We found and hired our stellar candidate, partially due to a long and detailed application process. 

We had a lot of good feedback on our process with people leaving comments on our job posting like:

  • This is probably the most informative job description I’ve seen .
  • You guys are awesome. Keep showing how work should be.
  • I’m not currently looking for a job, but dang Gina, you run a tight ship with all the policies and work hours I dreamed of when I was in design school, and if I was in the market I’d 100% apply.

We obviously can’t hire everyone, but we do want to help individuals try hard to seek the job they want, and we want to help them land the next one. When we sent out our rejection letters we included a three-part design job series The Director wrote to help organize and understand what companies are looking for. We had more great feedback, one candidate wrote in and said: 

Thank you for the response. While it is never the best information to receive, I appreciate the email. Beyond that, I wanted to thank you for sharing your articles. After reading them, I found a couple great points to help me refine my job search. 

I originally applied to Anchor & Alpine because I saw an opportunity to work in a dedicated, supportive, and inspiring environment. Your articles reminded me of those values that I saw in Anchor & Alpine. I will be on the lookout for future positions. Best regards to you and your team.

Response to job application rejection.

With such a warm response, we wanted to share this information with everyone:

How to Land a Creative Job, Based on Where You’re Looking

How to Organize Your Hunt for a Creative Job

Lessons in Job Searching, from Someone Who’s Done a Lot of Hiring

We hope you find something helpful in here and find the right job for you.