At Anchor & Alpine, we’re always excited about projects that resonate with our philosophy of creating vibrant communities and shaping positive experiences. Our collaboration with Millcreek Common has been one such project. From the first brush strokes of Millcreek’s General Plan in 2017 to our branding project in 2020 to its realization today, the vision was clear: crafting a heart for the city—a pulsating center of culture, art, and community engagement.

Ice skater performing at Millcreek Commons

Here’s to more winters filled with icy spins, warm food, and the joy of community at Millcreek Common. Cheers to a city center that’s truly at the heart of its people.

Exhibition of snowboarders performing tricks at Millcreek Commons
Man roller skaying in American flag pants at Millcreek Commons
Lady roller skating at Millcreek Commons
Youth hockey team posing at Millcreek Commons rink

At Anchor & Alpine, we don’t just build brands—we create stories that resonate with communities. Our work with Millcreek Common epitomizes our commitment to shaping experiences that truly matter. We fused historical roots with modern aesthetics to create a heart for the city that beats in rhythm with its people.

Let’s craft a brand for you that’s not just visually stunning but also deeply meaningful, connecting your business or community to a larger purpose.

This article appeared in the Fall/Winter 2023 issue of the Anchor & Alpine Magazine.

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