We want our clients to be successful in editing their own websites. This series of short WordPress tutorials will help you with the most basic WordPress editing capabilities.

Logins & Passwords

  • Where to login /wp-admin
  • Use a password manager tool (we like 1Password)
  • Everyone should have their own account login
  • Use the forgot password link

User Management

  • User Management Tab
  • Creating a New User
  • Options
  • Author Picture and Bio (if your site uses them)
  • Everyone should have their own account

The Admin Interface

  • Start Screen
  • Flush Cache
  • Pages / Posts
  • Media Library
  • Plugins

Editing a Page and Adding CSS Classes

  • Find to the page in your page list -OR- go to the live page online once you are logged in
  • Edit Screen and sidebar
  • Make sure you have the block editor up (not the code editor)
  • How to select a group
  • How to move a section
  • How to add a new Block
  • Preview
  • Publish
  • Flush the Cache


  • We use Gravity Forms, this hooks to Mailchimp, Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot — you name it and we can most likely feed into it.
  • All forms entires are stored on the site so you can always see them.
  • View entries
  • Download All
  • Change who gets the Notification
  • Editing a form
    ** be careful if you are using a form handler**
  • Conditional Logic

Reusable Blocks

  • How to Find Reusable Blocks
  • Working with Reusable Blocks

Tagging Resource Centers

  • How to use Quick Edit to assign types, categories, and collections.
  • How to use the resource Edit screen to assign types, categories, and collections.

If we have missed anything or you have questions, please reach out.