We want our clients to be successful in editing their own websites. This series of short WordPress tutorials will help you with the most basic WordPress editing capabilities.

Logins & Passwords

  • Where to login /wp-admin
  • Use a password manager tool (we like 1Password)
  • Everyone should have their own account login
  • Use the forgot password link

User Management

  • User Management Tab
  • Creating a New User
  • Options
  • Author Picture and Bio (if your site uses them)
  • Everyone should have their own account

The Admin Interface

  • Start Screen
  • Flush Cache
  • Pages / Posts
  • Media Library
  • Plugins

Editing a Page and Adding CSS Classes

  • Find to the page in your page list -OR- go to the live page online once you are logged in
  • Edit Screen and sidebar
  • Make sure you have the block editor up (not the code editor)
  • How to select a group
  • How to move a section
  • How to add a new Block
  • Preview
  • Publish
  • Flush the Cache


  • We use Gravity Forms, this hooks to Mailchimp, Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot — you name it and we can most likely feed into it.
  • All forms entires are stored on the site so you can always see them.
  • View entries
  • Download All
  • Change who gets the Notification
  • Editing a form
    ** be careful if you are using a form handler**
  • Conditional Logic

Reusable Blocks

  • How to Find Reusable Blocks
  • Working with Reusable Blocks

Tagging Resource Centers

  • How to use Quick Edit to assign types, categories, and collections.
  • How to use the resource Edit screen to assign types, categories, and collections.

If we have missed anything or you have questions about your specific website, please reach out. We’d love to help or create new WordPress tutorials to add to our collection!