Technicolor worked with us on their ongoing UI/UX for their dailies viewing app. When a movie is being produced directors, producers, and crew need to view the clips that were shot in a day (dailies) and this app helps them do that in an intuitive and immersive way.

Anchor & Alpine (via Sawaya Consulting) originally built the UI/UX of the web-based app and iOS mobile app with JOUST. When they were acquired by Technicolor we were brought along to work on the tvOS app as well.


We worked closely and iteratively with JOUST then Technicolor to create a web app and then translate that into mobile, tablet and TV apps.

A screenshot of the tvOs version of the UI/UX project. The screenshot shows bicycles and an overlay with the metadata of the film shoot day.

Please note, some of this information is confidential and has been obscured or redacted from this presentation. Designs shown below are from our work with both JOUST and Technicolor. 

Good UX Spans a Project

User Experience and User Interface design go deeper than traditional graphic design. Good UX practitioners, likes us, are involved from the information architecture stage through development, release, user testing, and beyond launch. Post-launch there are features to rework, new features to build, and client requests to fulfill.

Key project elements shown below:

  1. User flow mapping.
  2. Personas and comparison grid.
  3. Design to Dev feedback.
Userflow Mapping for the iOS App
Good UI gets out of the way, Madison knows this.
Frank doesn’t have time for your bullshit or your shiny new app.
A persona grid shows how each persona interacts with features.
Design to Development Handoff—making sure we account for finger tap sizes (~44px) and that we call out the spacing.

User Interface Design

Hundreds of screens and variable states were created for this project. Below is a selected few user interfaces. 

Project Story

We have never laughed so hard in our lives. Sometimes you find the client that perfectly lines up with your sense of humor. We started this project as strangers and ended up as friends, meeting up in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City to hang out and laugh (and work).

Translating to Apps

We worked closely with the client and a third-party iOS development firm to redesign key features to fit iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs.

“Working with Anchor & Alpine is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had professionally. The service they provide goes so far beyond design. They took the time to truly understand our product, goals, and team. This understanding showed through every step of the process. The final designs delivered to us built a stunning picture of the product in its entirety, created a user experience that is changing our industry, and perfectly embodied the spirit of our team and culture. I hope to never work on another project without them.”

Danny Tiesling

Software Development Manager, Technicolor