From providing you with ebook topic ideas to writing email first drafts, leveraging AI in content marketing certainly has a lot of time-saving advantages that are hard to ignore. However, AI content generators have limitations, and you need to know how to guide these tools based on your desired results.

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Our friends at rounded up the pros and cons of generative AI as well as how to put ChatGPT into action for your content marketing tasks. Check out our pocket guide below!

How to Write Effective ChatGPT Prompts

As told by Nicole Leffer, Tech Marketing Leader & CMO AI Advisor:

  • Start your prompt with “You are…” and describe the persona you want ChatGPT to emulate. Make sure to be specific.
  • Include details on the voice you want ChatGPT to write in within your prompt, such as information from your style guide and brand voice.
  • Share your own thought leadership within your prompts so the AI tool can create content from your insights. Don’t solely rely on ChatGPT to come up with ideas.


They’re great first-draft generators.

They help repurpose your content.

They provide you with content inspiration.


  • Generative AI is not a research replacement
  • Generate AI content models have few data privacy protections.
  • AI copywriting tools are not as creative as humans
  • There are ethical concerns and biases when using AI

6 Ways To Leverage ChatGPT for Content Creation


Ask ChatGPT to provide you with a list of current trends in your industry to help inform your content topics and shape your editorial calendars. If you’ve already got a topic, it can provide an outline to help guide your content. Summarize recent customer feedback and leverage the tool to help you brainstorm upcoming content ideas based on that feedback.

2. SEO

ChatGPT can generate keyword suggestions based on your site and the topics you’re attempting to rank for and provide SEO-optimized titles and meta descriptions. This tool can also identify and group or categorize the search intent for any keywords you’d like to include in your piece.


Tell ChatGPT about your brand voice, target audience, and any specific product benefits or features you’d like to highlight in order to generate first drafts of your product descriptions. It can also help create strong calls to action for you to experiment with and test based on your products.


Once you solidify your next email campaign’s objective, provide clear prompts to ChatGPT to help you draft subject line options, preview text, and calls to action that drive clicks. Ask the tool to punch up the body of your email, or try prompts that condense your main talking points into a few short sentences you can use above the fold.


ChatGPT can provide A/B testing variations for any short copy you’d like to experiment with on a landing page, on the design of a new ad campaign, or even on your emails. It’s a good rule of thumb to test one variable at a time, so remember to provide clear prompts and parameters for the A/B copy you’d like generated.


This AI copywriting tool has gotten pretty good at generating copy based on your social channel of choice. ChatGPT can craft messaging for all major platforms. For example, try submitting a prompt for a LinkedIn post written in your brand voice that promotes your newest blog. Provide the direct link to the content piece within your prompt as well. Is the Content Partner Your Brand Deserves

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This article appeared in the Fall/Winter 2023 issue of the Anchor & Alpine Magazine.