A whole new name required a whole new face for an established cybersecurity group. Turns out, a fresh brand presence and website can activate limitless possibilities for innovative branding.

CyberQP approached Anchor & Alpine to undertake a full rebrand, including a new name and brand identity, as well as a web design and development overhaul, moving from Webflow to WordPress.

As part of the rebrand, we developed a comprehensive brand guide that included a key to differentiating cheetahs, leopards, and jaguars. One of the unique features of the new website was the cheeky cheetah that appeared at different zoom levels. From an animated cheetah on the site footer, to the resource center visuals, we peppered our feline-friend across the site.

CyberQP graphics featuring their green cheetah and their website on a desktop and mobile phone

When we hand off a completed brand to a client, there’s a moment akin to handing over a pet you’ve been fostering to its new owner. Will it be taken care of? Will what makes it special be appreciated and utilized? Will they mistakingly use that one color combo in their palette I told them isn’t accessible on the web?

It’s a moment of letting the project we put our blood, sweat and tears into for months, soar.

Thankfully we handed off our fresh cheetah-fueled brand to CyberQP and they—ahem—ran with it.

When they came back to us to design the visuals for their trade-show, their request was very clear; don’t hold back.

Cheetah-silhouettes, cheetah spots, safari sunrises were all featured; all memorable and distinct branding tools CyberQP wanted to fully utilize to set themselves apart from their competitors.

Graphic of CyberQP trade show booth designs

While they are cybersecurity group with the expertise to excel in a deeply serious industry, CyberQP wasn’t afraid to use their brand imbue their presence with a sense of approachability and fun in a trade-show setting. We are so impressed with the way our client carried the brand forward—including branded green cowboy hats and plush cheetahs donning their swag. However, that’s the joy of handing off a new brand; there’s an endless amount of ways in can show the world who you are.

Image of a man's back, wearing t-shirt with CyberQP logo
Woman holding shoulder bag printed with CyberQP logo
CyberQP staff kisisng stuffed Cheetah at a trade show

This article appeared in the Fall/Winter 2023 issue of the Anchor & Alpine Magazine.

Banner for The 100 Show 2023 awards

The CyberQP Brand won an AIGA 100 Show in 2023