For years we’ve said we are “small by choice.” There are reasons we are small. There are assumptions about why we are small. Then there are the choices we’ve made to stay this size.

This article was originally published in 2015 and has been updated for 2023.

Small boat in the middle of the sea

The Reasons We Choose Small

There are so many things to love about the Anchor & Alpine team. One of those things is that it’s a small team. We’re currently at ten people with an outside cap of 13. A lot of us have worked on bigger or smaller teams, but this is the right-sized team for the kind of UX and web work we do
for clients.

For us, the size of our agency boils down to three reasons:

  1. This core team is amazing. There are just a few of us. We trust and respect each other. We perfectly round out each other’s skill sets. We’ve built dozens of amazing things together, and we continue to be excited to do it all again.
  2. We deliver on promises. We deliver because we made the promises. The promises are work quality, process enjoyment, timelines, budgets, and outcomes. In larger firms, you will meet with a salesperson, a principal, an account manager, and your designers and developers will be in the background. Those are a lot of layers, and that doesn’t work for us. We know because we’ve worked in those firms and know how communication can break down.
  3. We love what we do. The partners in the business created a UX and web firm because we love UX and design/development it’s what we want to do. With a larger team, the partners would spend all of their time managing the team and the business. We still like to get in, roll up our sleeves, and do the wrench work for certain clients.

Small Scale, Big Deliveries

Being agile and focused allows us to deliver high-quality projects that match the scale of larger firms. We consistently find ourselves in the same sphere as these major players, recognizing their unique offerings and specialties. When it comes to WordPress websites and UI/UX design, we’re confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results, making us an excellent choice for your next project.

Never & Always

Our annual revenue will never be in the multi-millions. Our company parties will never need a banquet hall. We won’t ever look back and say that it wasn’t worth it.

We will always love what we do. We will always approach each project with passion and excitement. We will have the freedom to make sure we don’t get burned out.

If that sounds like a good fit for your next project we’d love to talk to you.

This article appeared in the Fall/Winter 2023 issue of the Anchor & Alpine Magazine.