This year, more than any other, we want to encourage everyone to shop small businesses (because Bezos doesn’t need more billions, he already has a trillion. Do you know how much that is?1 )

When you shop small you help all of us stay in business and put our money back into our local economies. Most of our gift guide is local to Salt Lake City and every business is locally, female, and/or artist owned. Just remember, when you buy from a real person they need a little shipping moola and a little time, so get right on it and deliver something truly unique.

The Petal Coop

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A beautiful bouquet is a really wonderful and less traditional holiday gift. Or, you could buy a bundle of flowers to add to your gift wrapping. Lucy

3 Cups Coffee

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Great spot in Holladay and a great member of the community. Steve

3 Cups Coffee
Bare Bones Living Gathering Bag — Which I own and love.

Bare Bones Living

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Great, well designed products and philosophy. This local company makes me want to get outdoors with friends. Amber

Randy’s Records

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Randy’s is a staple of SLC. The oldest “old school” record shop in the city. A record is SUCH a great gift for any music lover. Lucy


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Beautiful boutique featuring jewelry, clothes, home goods, etc. from many different local artists. Abigail

Mineral and Matter

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I love everything about Mineral and Matter and occasionally have to schedule a gift drop for myself from her! Amber

Mineral and Matter Wares
Jini & Tonic Pins

Jini & Tonic

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She makes great political enamel pins. I have two I adore (Safe & Legal Abortions and Dead Men Don’t Catcall).

Everybody Tattoo Studio


Need a new tattoo (whenever it feels safe again to get one)? All artist and female/non-binary owned. Abigail

Chanon Thai

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This is my favorite restaurant in SLC! They’re great people who make fantastic food. You could order online, buy a gift card, or deliver their incredible Gang Keow Wan to someone you care about.Joey

Top Crops Farm


Local, urban farmers that grow amazing fresh produce, and sell products from other local food companies as well. They grow a limited supply during the winter months, but you can get a gift card in preparation for the spring. Joey

Proper Hemp Co

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Local CBD producer with a serious focus on science. Amber

Proper Hemp Co is also an Anchor & Alpine client.

  1. Let’s put trillions in perspective. If I give you $1 per second, you will have a million dollars in about 11 days. You’d have a billion dollars in about 32 years. It would take 31,688 years to get your trillion dollars. Let’s assume that a trillionaire won’t live 32000 years and maybe like, pay and take care of warehouse and delivery workers. /rant []