Anchor & Alpine is hiring an entry-level/junior web developer who knows some PHP. We’re a little different, so read on to see if you might be a good fit! 

Web Developer Job Status

🟢 Hiring is on Open

We hope to make a decision on Friday, January 22 and will keep the status updated here. 

We strive to answer all applications quickly and candidates that are no longer being considered will be contacted throughout the process. Thank you for your patience.

Last Updated 1/14/20

Hello Candidate,

We’re going to ask you a bunch of questions on the application to get to know you. It seems only fair to include a cover letter from us. You can skip to the job description if you’d like. First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to apply for our web developer position. We’re looking to add the sixth full-time member of our agency and we will review more than a hundred applications and meet dozens of you before we find the right person to join our crew.

Our application is a little different and we ask you to slow down, think carefully, and put not only your best self, but your true self forward. Your application goes to everyone on the team as soon as you hit submit. The principal partner will be the one doing the formal review and, because we receive several applications each day, we’ll make some quick decisions on who to talk to and move forward. We read and reply to every application; that is something that has stunned our recruiting partners!

It’s 2021 and we have all collectively been through a very hard year. It’s a hard time to be looking for a job, and it’s a difficult decision to commit to a new employee. We’re ready to welcome someone who is as passionate and excited as we are. We are so happy to get to do what we love for good companies and with good people. We are looking for someone who is a cultural, social, and technical fit—in that order. We can teach you some PHP tricks and point you in the right direction to get your feet wet with WordPress, but we need you to come pre-installed with a solid work ethic, good business manners, and shared values. We’re a femme owned company with a unique dash of diversity. We want someone who will not only be a cultural add, but will promote and champion femmes, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and neuro-divergents.

We are creating a different kind of agency to support creatives and the needs of clients, again, in that order. We believe we do the best work together when we take care of ourselves and our communities. We’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but we’re the right person’s sip of whisky.

We don’t want to waste your time or ours (again, in that order). So please only apply if you can meet the following quick facts:

  • Local to Salt Lake City or willing to be once COVID restrictions end.
  • COVID-vaccinated once it’s available (Employers Can Require Workers to Get Covid-19 Vaccine, U.S. Says)
  • This is an entry-level (with previous work experience) or junior web developer position. PHP knowledge is required, WordPress familiarity a plus. You’ll work more on the backend, building plugins and themes, and work with our other developer who will focus more on the front-end CSS. Base salary is $40k with a raise to $45k after 90 days.
  • We provide profit sharing, good benefits, shorter workdays, and a lot of flexibility.

Sound good? Read on to the job description, interview process, and application.

Thank you,
The Partners & Crew of Anchor & Alpine

Web Developer Job Description

Anchor & Alpine launched in late 2019. The agency is the result of an acquisition of Boulder-based design firm Emerson Stone and a merger of Salt Lake City-based firms Sawaya Consulting (established 2007) and Coast To Coast Studio (established 2016). We are a branding and web firm.

We are very serious about core values and a good work/life balance and are looking to add someone to our team who wants to be as focused and as happy as we are. 

About the Job

We want to work with you if you are actively engaged in the development community and are ready to join our small crew of creatives. You get to work closely with the designers on all of our web projects. We’re a WordPress/PHP shop (read why here). All of our work has integrity, structure, and strategy behind it. We expect you to bring the same. Here are some of the skills we’re looking for:

  • We move fast, so you must know your skills through and through. You will build awesome WordPress websites based on the designs and specifications of our clients and team. 
  • Knowledge and experience in PHP is must, knowledge of WordPress builds is a plus. 
  • Knowledge of writing WordPress plugins is a plus, the desire to learn and develop plugins is a must. 
  • Strong backend skills PHP and MySql are a must, good front-end skills HTML, CSS, Javascript are necessary, but this position will focus just a little more on the backend code. 
  • You will be responsible for new builds as well as ongoing web edits and minor maintenance. One of the partners serves as sysadmin, so you won’t have to do any of that heavy lifting—mostly making client-requested edits to websites. 
  • Knowledge of web animations is a plus but a willingness to learn animation techniques is good enough for now. 
  • All the other work stuff — be professional in your communication, show up on time, don’t microwave fish at your desk (in the office, go wild at home), you get it. 

About the Salary & Perks 

  • Annual salary is $40,000, with a raise to $45,000 at the end of the 90-day probation period. After 90 days, our profit-sharing also kicks in so you will make more than the salary. Work smart, hustle when you need to, and make more money. That’s how it’s supposed to work.
  • But wait, there’s more!
    • Work hours are 10-4. Yup. 10 AM to 4 PM MST. We want you to have a life. 
    • We offer profit sharing—split equally among all employees—after 90 days. 
    • We offer full medical benefits. We pay 100% of these costs for employees. 
    • We’re very open about mental health and self-care. 
    • A copy of the employee handbook will be made available at the time of a job offer so you can see everything you are getting into. It’s a big commitment we’re going to make to each other and you should get the opportunity to see it all before you agree.

About You

  • You will work closely with all three partners of the agency as well as our other employees. There are five of us, so you will be our 6th (and will nicely round out our Zoom grid). 
  • You will report to Steve, aka The Wizard, who can make PHP do anything that designers can think up. He’ll make sure you are on point and help you out when you get stuck. He’s smart, experienced, and patient. 
  • You will need to show up every day, ready to rock. We work short hours, and we bill at agency rates, so we need you to be committed and passionate. We also want you to be kind, thoughtful, and ready to build a career with us. 
  • We’re a pretty diverse team already, and we want to keep it that way. We’re not your typical Utah company. Find us on LinkedIn, do your research, and let us know why you think you might be a good fit. 

Just a little more: 

  • We want you to have and continue to build strong transferable skills:
    • Super tight organization and adherence to file structure and naming. 
    • Great communication skills, in person, on video calls, on slack—you know, all the different ways you talk to your coworkers and clients. 
    • Be professional, even when we’re irreverent and hilarious.  
  • We also ask that you are ready to build some cross-functional skills
    • Helping clients with simple web edits. 
    • Have or grow an eye for design and help designers see possibilities they don’t know about. 
    • Be smart about budgets and how long something should take. It’s all well and good if the designer created some new dropdown, but if it takes you 12 hours to code it then that’s not a great use of time. It’s better to work with your crew to find the best solution from a design, development, and business perspective. 

Please note that we are a small company hiring for a niche position and will only consider candidates who fill out our extensive online application with care and attention. Please, no emails or phone calls, we know that it’s a competitive and crazy time to be looking for a job, and we want to ensure we’re comparing applicants fairly. 

Anchor & Alpine, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants with regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genetics. In addition to federal law requirements, Anchor & Alpine, Inc. complies with applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment. 

We go a step beyond all of this—actively want to work with diverse voices and backgrounds. We regularly give our time, talent, and money to individuals and organizations who work to better our communities.

The Application / Interview / Hiring Process


Applications go to the whole crew, but The Captain will review each and respond.

15 Minute Video Screening

Promising candidates are invited to schedule a 15-minute video screening.

30 Minute Technical Video

Phew, you are one of the few that made it to the second interview! This is with the dev team so be ready to
<?php echo ‘<p>Hello!</p>’; ?> 

30 Minute Full Crew Video

Meet the rest of the crew, see how we interact, see if we are a good fit.

Final Vetting

We’ll talk to your three references; maybe invite you back for additional calls. If we extend an offer you’ll get a copy of our Employee Handbook as well.

Web Developer Job Status

🟢 Hiring is on Open

We hope to make a decision on Friday, January 22 and will keep the status updated here. 

We strive to answer all applications quickly and candidates that are no longer being considered will be contacted throughout the process. Thank you for your patience.

Last Updated 1/14/20