We look forward to meeting you!

We are one of the most talented, passionate, and committed crews around. Our agency is built to support creative people doing their best work, and we look forward to finding our next team member. Want to know some of the reasons we think you might want to work here?

WordPress Specialist (part time)

Anchor & Alpine is a WordPress shop (read why here) and we’re looking for a new crew member to help bring our websites to life.

As a WordPress specialist you will work with our clients, designers, and developers to make edits and create pages from templates. You’ll have the full support of an established team as you learn the ropes of how our business works. This is a no-code or low-code position. We are looking for someone who knows the WordPress editor in and out and can help populate websites during build and make edits post-launch.

Full Stack Developer (full time)

We are looking to round out our development team with a full stack developer; we’re a WordPress/PHP shop (read why here).

We have an amazing development team right now consisting of a partner (The Wizard) and a frontend dev and a backend dev. We need someone who can straddle the line and pitch in and help out when we have a new build or are maintaining and editing current sites.

Why work at Anchor & Alpine?

Thank you for taking time to review Anchor & Alpine as a place you may want to work. We know that work is a big part of life—and in a lot of places too much of your life—and we have built a crew that is thoughtful, kind, ethical, and hard working. Anchor & Alpine is a Utah Benefits Corporation meaning we put people over profits.

Mission, Values & Ethics



  • We foster a culture where trust, accountability, and camaraderie can flourish.
    • We talk to/with each other (not at/about).
    • We engaged in supportive feedback.
    • We value input as well as output. We are diverse, fair, and inclusive.
  • We value the results of our work and think the best way to get there is to work well together and take care of ourselves. 
  • We value diversity and believe the best ideas come from different places. We support a group that is diverse in age, sexual and gender orientation, race, and religions.
  • We value creativity and know that everyone is creative in their own way; together, we can come up with the best thinking to solve complex problems.



Create good work for good clients and enjoy the process. 

We realize our mission by:

  • Helping good companies with our talent. Good companies are respectful, treat their customers well, are financially competent, and are doing something positive for the world. 
  • Cultivating the best opportunities for us and our clients to work together. 
  • Operationalizing business practices to be fast and nimble and to free our brains for creative and good work. 
  • Choosing to not work with shitty people. These include clients, coworkers, and vendors.
  • Understanding that our work can have a great impact. We consider social and environmental concerns before taking on a client and throughout the life of the project.


  • We believe in doing excellent work for a fair price.
  • We believe in using our talent and time for good companies.
  • We believe in supporting each other and our community.


Ethical code of conduct

  • We do not disparage each other, the work we do, our clients, or the end-user. 
  • We protect data, intellectual property, and privacy—be that ours, our clients’ or the end-user. 
  • We do not tolerate harassment, discrimination, bullying, or being an asshole to your coworkers, clients, or peers.
  • We plan for business continuity. 


Ethical code of data practices

  • We don’t work on anything the majority of the company is uncomfortable with on moral, ethical, or political views. 
  • We do not force employees to work on projects that conflict with their values.
  • We follow the most stringent privacy rules that are in place (currently GDPR). 



  • We believe that UX and Product Designers have an ethical responsibility to put good into the world and defend against evil. 
  • We know that we have the knowledge, tools, and power to sway users to do what we want. We understand that this power comes with a responsibility to match users’ intent to the resulting action. 
  • We never produce “dark patterns”, the term for designs used to trick people into doing things that are against their best interest. 

Core Values

All employees are invited to share their 5 Core Values (and review those of the Partners). As a firm, our Core Values are: 

We are careful to maintain a good work/life and client balance. 

We are professional, kind, show up on time, and speak well of each other. 

We are proficient with our software, organized, honest, and focused. 

Meaningful Work
We do work that is creative, authentic, and solves problems for good clients. 

We’re in it for the long haul, and we curate our client mix and concurrent projects to ensure everyone’s success. 

Salary & Benefits


Most crew members start with the same salary, and salary is a transparent discussion at work. We currently have a salary cap to ensure that everyone makes a fair amount of money and executives aren’t lining their pockets.


  • Revenue sharing, split euqally among all employees 3 times a year
  • 30 hour work week
  • Summary Fridays off (shift work hours to M-Th)
  • Safe and sane company made of kind humans
  • 3 weeks paid vacation
  • Unlimited additional days off (be reasonable)
  • 15 paid company holidays per year
  • 401k with 5% company match
  • Life Insurance
  • Long term disability
  • Short term disability
  • 12 weeks partial pay maternity leave
  • Top-tier healthcare coverage through SelectMed (company pays 100% for employee, 50% for spouse/dependant)
  • Dental and vision coverage
  • Choice Plan covering Plan-B and Plan-C

Total Compensation Package

When we created Anchor & Alpine we wanted to create a company that takes good care of employees and covers all the benefits. We have opted for shorter working hours. At just 30 hours per week we work 75% of a normal 40 hour work week or 50% of a typical tech/startup 60 hour work week. We also believe in a lot of days off—we offer 15 company holidays plus three weeks off per year. In order to make this a reality we opted to be lean on salaries and to make revenue sharing, benefits, and other perks be the main focus. 

Your base salary is a percentage of your total compensation package (also called fully burdened cost). It accounts for about 80% of your compensation package.

Candidates that pass the phone screening and second interview will be able to review the employee handbook.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We value diversity and believe the best ideas come from different places. We support a group that is diverse in age, sexual and gender orientation, race, and religions. 

We are a company that values progressive social issues, we believe in and support the rights of women, LGBTQAI+, indigenous peoples, historically marginalized races/groups, people of determination, and all human beings. 

We value input as well as output and listen carefully to lived experiences of individuals and the cultures they come from. We build better when we work together with a diverse team. 

Anchor & Alpine, Inc. is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants with regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genetics. In addition to federal law requirements, Anchor & Alpine, Inc. complies with applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment. 

We go a step beyond all of this—we actively want to work with diverse voices and backgrounds. We regularly give our time, talent, and money to individuals and organizations who work to better our communities.

Anchor & Alpine logo piece—the stylized ampersand.

We are on the lookout for employees who reflect our ethics and core values.
If you might be a good fit, please reach out!